Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment occurs once a year. Remember that you cannot enroll online after the end of the open enrollment period.

If you have a benefit account from a previous year with this employer, please return to the participant homepage at and click Register to set-up your online account and access the Enrollment tab. If you are new to the employer’s benefits, follow the instructions in the pages below to complete your open enrollment. At any point during the open enrollment period you may add, remove, or edit your benefit options as you wish.

Please contact our service center at 800-274-0503 with any questions you may have.

In order to enroll, you will need to provide your Employer ID.  Your employer may require you to login to the site to enroll. When you provide your employer ID below, we will verify whether you may enroll now or if you need to login. If you do need to login, please check with your Employer on the enrollment process.

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