Health Reimbursement Arrangement

A Health Reimbursement Arrangement HRA is an account that is fully funded by your employer. This benefit can be designed by the employer to reimburse employees for a variety of medical expenses as determined by the employer.  The most popular HRAs today are offered in conjunction with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and are generally designed to reimburse employees for all or a portion of out-of-pocket deductible expenses associated with these HDHPs. HRAs can also be designed to cover co-insurance, co-pays and a variety of out-of-pocket expenses associated with the group health plan.

HRA’s that are associated with a HDHP are often described as “linked HRAs.” If your employer offers a linked HRA you must be enrolled in their group health plan to be eligible for that HRA. Your employer may also design the HRA to allow all, or a portion of the balance remaining in an HRA at the end of the plan year to be rolled over to the following plan year, thus allowing funds in the HRA to accumulate from year to year. HRAs are not a portable benefit and balances cannot be brought to another employer nor can balances ever be converted to a cash benefit, however, all HRAs are subject to COBRA continuation.

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