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FSA Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about HSAs. Click a topic and drill down to find the answer.

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• Eligibility and Enrollment

  • How do I enroll?

  • Do I have to keep the same election each year?

  • How do I contribute money to my health or dependent care FSA?

• Health FSAs

  • What is a Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

  • Are insurance premiums an eligible expense?

  • Can I be reimbursed for medicines and drugs that do not require a prescription?

  • If I terminate employment or retire, can I receive the remaining balance in my Health FSA?

  • If I terminate employment or retire can I be reimbursed for expenses incurred after my termination date?

• Dependent Care FSAs

  • What is a Dependent Care FSA?

  • Who is a qualified dependent under the Dependent Care FSA?

• Distributions

  • Can an adult be a qualified dependent?

  • Do I have to use a daycare facility?

  • Does my daycare provider have to be licensed?

  • Does my daycare provider have to be 18?

  • My child attends camp during the summer. Is this eligible?

  • When can I be reimbursed for dependent daycare expenses?

• Changing Your Election

  • What if I discover that I elected too much for the Health and/or Dependent Care FSA, can I change my election?

  • What is an IRS “Change in Status” that will allow me to change my FSA election?

  • If I elected too much in my Health FSA but not enough in my Dependent Care FSA, can I move money from one account to the other?

• "Use or Lose" Rule

  • What happens if I don’t use all the money elected in my FSA?

• Submitting Claims for Reimbursement

  • How do I submit a claim for the Health or Dependent Care FSA?

  • May I submit expenses for my spouse and children for reimbursement through my Health FSA?

  • What supporting documentation must I file with each Health FSA claim?

  • What supporting documentation must I file with each Dependent Care claim?

  • What happens if a claim exceeds the amount currently available in my Dependent Care FSA?

  • How do I know why my claim was denied?

  • Why may the amount of my reimbursement differ from the amount of my request?

• Carryover Provision

  • What has changed?

  • How much can rollover?

  • Does the new rollover rule apply to Limited Purpose or Post-deductible FSAs?

  • Does the new rollover rule apply to dependent care FSAs?

  • If rollover is offered, does'nt this change the $2,550 maximum annual election?

  • Does my rollover FSA affect my eligibility to participate in a health savings account (HSA)?

  • Does the rollover option affect the run-out period?

  • Do I have to elect a health FSA in the plan year into which funds are rolled over?

  • How is the rollover amount calculated?

  • How long do I have to use my rollover funds?

  • In what order are funds utilized for new claims?

  • Can I use my benefits debit card to access rollover funds?

  • Are rollover amounts cumulative?

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