About Us

Overview of London Health Administrators

London Health Administrators is an innovative employee benefits administratorthat shares the same goal as you…to enhance your business growth! This sharedgoal is achieved through our cutting-edge and unique solution menu that willlower the costs of your employee benefits, and in the end, help you uncover newfunds to create a prosperous financial future.

We werefounded in 1964 with an underlying philosophy of being the answer to ourclient’s employee benefit obstacles, and their partner in financial growth.Today, London is one of the most innovative third-party administrators in theNortheast, and services over 100,000 members. There is no client too small nortoo large; London strives to help all businesses overcome rising health carecosts.

London hasthe unique opportunity to consult and administrate customized health caresolutions to generate the maximum return on your invested insurance premiums.We produce savings through an innovative menu of Hybrid Health Plans,Consumer-Driven Health plans, Wellness Management, Health Plan Outsourcing, and Insurance Procurement Software.

Blueprint for Your Success

London helps transform your employee benefits plan to be treated like an investment portfolio. At London we diversify your risk, maximize your insurance dollars, and most importantly, provide the ability for you to control how much you spend on employee benefits. You tell us your budget, and London Health Administrators manages and administrates the outcome. London helps you control your insurance dollars instead of the insurance carrier, and therefore, your desired cost-savings is achieved.

Ingredients to London’s Solutions:
London’s solution portfolio is different from our competitors. Our solutionswere created by business owners for business owners. Our exclusive membersformed a “brain trust” consisting of various successful business owners in NewEngland. After extensive analysis and surveys of what these business ownersrecommended for cures to rising health insurance costs, London turned theirrecommendations into a solution menu for companies like yourself. Each of ouroptions focuses on answering the problem of over-priced health insurance fromyour point-of-view. Now with the financial anchor of health insurance alleviated, your company will experience free sailing and achieve its maximum growth potential.