Simplified Claims Management with HealthExpense

Your employer may be participating in the premium eClaims management service powered by HealthExpense. The premium eClaims management service empowers you to use your insurance EOB data with your CDH accounts. Once your account is linked, all newly received claims will be automatically displayed in the eClaims manager below.

Linking your account is easy. Just click the button below and use the "Link Accounts" page to enter your credentials:

Note: If your employer is not yet using premium eClaim management, you will be taken to a login page for HealthExpense instead of directly into the HealthExpense application. Keep checking back periodically as we will be enabling more employer groups as supported carriers become available. 

Once your insurance account is linked, your EOB data will start populating automatically. The eClaims manager allows you to request reimbursement using the "$" icon next to the expense. If you've already paid the expense using your card, the eClaims manager will indicate that the expense matched to a debit card swipe.

eClaims Manager

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