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Calculate your FSA Tax Savings

This calculator allows you to estimate your federal income tax savings based on your FSA contributions.


Start by providing your health plan information below.

This tool will help you estimate your out-of-pocket expenses and then how much tax savings you'd have if you contribute to a healthcare FSA. You may adjust any amounts as necessary and re-run this tool as many times as you'd like.

Deductible Amount
Out of Pocket Limit

Office Visit Coverage

Copays or Coinsurance
Average Office Visit Copay ?
Dollar amount you pay after office visits deductible is met
Office Visit Coinsurance after Deductible is Met

Prescription Drug Coverage

Copays or Coinsurance?
Your plan has six tiers of prescription coverage, enter the coinsurance or copay amount that you typically access for you and/or your family. You can enter the # of prescriptions you purchase annually on the next page.
Average Prescription Copay
Prescription Coinsurance after deductible is met
Are prescriptions Subject to the Deductible?

Other Services Coverage (Lab, X-ray, Hospital, Skilled Nursing, etc.)

Other Services Coinsurance

Next, we need some financial information.

Please complete the fields below.

Number of Office Visits?
Visits per year, at an average of $150 per visit. Do not include preventive care visits if covered at 100%
Number of Prescriptions ?
Prescriptions filled per year, at an average of $75 per prescription
Other Healthcare Expenses (Lab, X-ray, Hospital, Skilled Nursing, Etc.)?
Estimate the dollar amount your providers will bill annually for all other services. For example, if you expect to a have at least one ER visit at a cost of $400 and an outpatient procedure at a cost of $1,500 then enter $1,900. We'll apply your coinsurance to this amount.

Other Non-Medical Expense Types

Vision (Glasses, contacts, etc.)
Dental (Cleanings, X-rays, Orthodontia)?
Enter the amount you will pay out-of-pocket for dental related expenses. Dental diagnostic services and preventive services (such as oral evaluations, routine cleanings, x-rays and fluoride treatments) are covered at 100%. You have up to $1,000 in first dollar coverage for orthodontia.
Other Expenses

Contribution Rules

Maximum Employer Allowed Contribution
Pay Periods Per Year
Amounts Funded by Your Employer

Tax Information

Federal Tax Filing Status
Tax Rate ?
Enter your tax rate, including total of federal, state, and FICA. This can be found on pages 13-19 of IRS Publication 919. Access Publication 919 Here »

We've calculated your estimated federal and state income tax savings

Adjust your contribution with the slider below to see how much more you can save.

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  • Contribution Per Pay Period
  • Estimated Annual Tax Savings

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Other Services

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