Transit and Parking Overview

A commuter account is an employer-sponsored benefit program that allows an employee to set aside pretax funds in an separate account to pay for qualified workplace mass transit and parking expenses.

Transit includes Mass Transit and Van Pooling:
  • Mass Transit includes Transit passes, tokens, fare cards, vouchers, or similar items entitling you to ride a mass transit vehicle to or from work. The mass transit vehicle may be publicly or privately operated and includes bus, rail, or ferry. Van Pooling
  • Van-pooling is not to be confused with carpooling. Vanpooling requires a commuter highway vehicle with a seating capacity of at least 7 adults, including the driver. At least 80 percent of the vehicle mileage must be for transporting employees between their homes and workplace with employees occupying at least one-half of the vehicle’s seats (not including the driver’s seat).

How much can I contribute?

Monthly limits are set by the IRS.  The parking deduction is limited to $260 per month. The transit deduction is set at $260 per month. Your monthly balance is carried forward and you can make adjustments to your contribution, join, or terminate plan participation at any time.

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